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What's New!

Now Accepting Mature Students:

Mature student status may be granted to applicants who are over 19 years old and do not have a high school diploma or GED. It is intended to allow applicants who have not completed high school the opportunity to be considered for admission, based on the skills and experience they have acquired since leaving school.

Note that if you have completed high school, even decades ago, you are still considered a high school graduate and you may not apply as a mature student. Mature students are still required to complete Reading Comprehension Testing. Please feel free to contact us directly if you are interested in verifying that you are eligible for mature student status. 

If you learn better with one-on-one hands-on training, and hate being stuck in a classroom 24/7, well East Coast Trades College may be the College for you. 

We are centrally located in Fredericton on the Northside.

Applications for 2019-2020 are now open, watch for an East Coast Trades College representative at a school near you for the AARAO Tour. Call today to meet our instructors and view our classroom layouts.

*Having difficulty finding an apartment close by...or not sure where to turn about funding so that you can return to school ...why not contact our very helpful Student Services Department..

We will be glad to provide you with the resources needed to make your transition back to school as easy as saying "East Coast Trades College is the school for you"..

1080 Brookside Drive

Fredericton, NB E3G 8T8