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Covid Implementation & Policies

Daily Routines all students will be required to sign into the building providing contact information, temperature checked, maintain social distancing and wear a mask throughout building unless seated at desk.  Students must also social distance while on the grounds at East Coast Trades College.

Any student that chooses not to abide by these regulations may be dismissed from the program.

Any student/Staff testing positive for covid-19 or feeling unwell is requested to self isolate for 5 days, while still completing assignments on time and logging in virtually for classes. 

The province could revert to a SHUT DOWN at a moments notice, students are required to ensure that all their books leave with them each day and are ready to revert to online training until province opens again.

Please note that if the province reverts to a SHUT DOWN the Provincial Block Exam write could be delayed until such time that the Province resumes, in which East Coast Trades College will also delay the two weeks of review until just before the Provincial Block Exam write can take place (will be completed at latest by mid August of year graduating, it will be the responsibility of the student to ensure that they keep the material fresh in their mind until such time after the program sections are complete.  PLEASE NOTE:  East Coast Trades College will NOT provide refunds to students if Province Reverts to SHUT DOWN, as classes will resume online............NO Student will be able to write their Provincial Block Exam or receive their diploma/transcripts until two full weeks of review are completed and signed off by the instructorAs long as the placement is still operating the student should be able to still attend placement days.  All students must follow the placements protocol for social distancing and masks.  Students must have internet and a computer readily available and be available from 8:30 am to 3:30pm for online classes and 8:00am to 5:00pm for placement days, with reliable transportation to get there on time.